Year, Meet Nutshell

The past 12 months have been interesting, to put it mildly. While I haven’t written as much I usually do (or would like) I’m here on the last day of the year, with a cup of tea, and American football on TV (what?!) while one of my three kids naps. I’m done with paragraphs until 2024, though, so here we go.

  • Finally got Covid after dodging it for a three whole years
  • Epic family trip to Maine and Pennsylvania, made possible by trading in our EV for a minivan
  • Sold our country house, bought a city house, moved a total of 7 miles
  • Visited a natural burial cemetery that I’d be okay decomposing in
  • Read Annihilation for the 3rd time
  • Emergency trip to the vet after our dog was bit by…something mysterious (bonus rabies shots)
  • Complete another 52 songs in 52 weeks, never missed a deadline
  • Wrote a few thousand words in the book that I’ll probably never finish
  • Deleted my twitter account (pre x transition) after 14 years of use
  • Created a ridiculous, but fun, font bundle site that flopped incredibly hard
  • Easily ate over 100 donuts
  • Bought a DVD for the first time in 10+ years
  • Framed some basement walls and finished a room
  • Taught a graphic design class to some understandably disinterested college students
  • Re-downloaded Pokemon Go to play with my teenager
  • Went a whole month without running (can’t remember the last time that happened)
  • Started a new job somewhere…that you’ve probably heard of! More on that later

It was a wild year, and I’m grateful and happy for all of it.

I spent a lot of time on our roof before selling our house (mostly, to paint trim and clean gutters, but the view was nice)

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