Ithaca Beer Co

From March of 2014 until February of 2015 I redesigned the existing product line and all new brands while also creating a massive library of multimedia. As a co-worker said, I jumped on to a moving train.

The graphic design work had a heavy print focus (three different packaging types per beer). I also producred a lot of corresponding digital components (photography, video production), and marketing materials (for the sales team, social media, etc.). I designed fresh apparel for the Taproom, along with new menus and signage. I created a custom web design and WordPress theme as well. It was one year of work designed to last 3-6 years. And a lot of that work is still going strong!

Everything about IBC was a lot of fun. Some of the fast turnaround times pushed me to make some great work. Things I might have labored over for weeks were not afforded the luxury of indecision. I’m also still a huge fan of the taproom fries, which I prefer to eat at the flagship location, outside, on a partly cloudy summer day.