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Up Mount Marcy


“Also known by the Algonquin name Tahawus, meaning Cloud-Splitter.” That sounds like Mount Marcy. I’m not really hiking all 46 Adirondack high peaks and it seems like cheating a bit to do the tallest of them so early in my list. But here I am. Mount Marcy. The plan: hike 3 miles and drop gear at a lean-to near Johns Brook Lodge, hike another 6 miles to the Marcy summit, then another 6 back to the lean-to and crash for the night. tl;dr SUCCESS 👍 Here are pictures from a very long walk in the woods.

I didn’t take many photos for the first 8 miles of the day, believe it or not, because it just wasn’t that spectacular. It wasn’t hard climbing, or even scenic climbing. At times (hours), it felt like I wasn’t even gaining elevation. I’m going to go out on a limb and not recommend this route from JBL. There are far more scenic ways to get to Marcy. But, that’s not what I did here. So more photos.

Note: I did not hike barefoot, but my feet did get a little wet. This 👆 helped.

I was not alone! And no one stuck around long. The thing about this hike being long from almost where you start means that lingering isn’t really advised. And the weather can change in a hurry, as you’ll see in a second.

Made it! Bear canister at the ready, which is good since I’m pretty sure a bear passed by in the night. No joke. Hike safely, y’all!