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The Great White Hike


In what could potentially become a regular thing, I took off to the mountains during the holidays. I was joined by one of my best dudes (who hiked this particular mountain in much nicer weather as part of his thru hike on the Appalachian trail). We left Maine early, in the snow, to arrive at the trailhead in New Hampshire, also in the snow. The summit? Mount Eisenhower, a great peak in the presidential range. Snowshoes were a must. Time to let the photos do the talking.

At this point the wind was really picking up. Visibility wasn’t great. To say it was slow going would be an understatement. Cairns were spotty. But it was beautiful and fun, hard to complain, really.

Physically this was no big deal. Once again, I didn’t dress well. Or at least, a spare dry top would have been great in my bag. And better gloves (my hands were often cold). Lessons learned.

All photos here are mine, taken with a Sony RX100 (meh).