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I took a little over 12000 photos this year. About 2000 of them are worth editing, saving, and backing up. I’ve said before it’s easy to take a good photo of a person, but without a subject in the frame I’m usually in for a challenge.

As this year winds down I’ve had a chance to look through most of those favorite pictures from the past 12 months. Finding a photo I took, and like, that doesn’t have a person or animal in it is hard. I actually don’t even take many pictures fitting that criteria.

The photos on this page are the few that I think are meaningful and/or interesting. They’re not powerful but that’s ok with me, I’m really satisfied when I can capture a moment and revisit the photo later and think “this looks nice”. They were taken in various places, which is great since 2022 included a decent amount of travel for me. Something that I’m reluctant to do but always thankful for once I get out the door.

Pictures appear in chronological order.

Do you feel the void? It’s weird looking at 30+ straight photos with no people. No pets. Not even a car. But someone was nearby in almost every one of this pics. Just off frame. Only a few were taken in complete isolation. I won’t say which ones, but it doesn’t really matter, right?

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