Southpaw Revisited

I’ve used Southpaw quite a bit since Allison and I brought it to life earlier this year. Almost every day, at the Beer co. actually. In fact, it is already on two beer bottles, among many other things. Which is interesting. I have a tendency to only use one of my typefaces for a single job, and never use it again. So I’m more familiar with Southpaw than I am anything else I’ve created, possibly. And that is the reason I had to make some updates.

There aren’t a TON of changes, but they’ve already made a big difference for me. Descenders have been shortened drastically, and proportions on oddball glyphs are more equal. Numbers are a little smaller/lighter, the percentage is legit, and other punctuation was touched up. Like I said, not a huge amount of updates, but enough to make this already solid typeface even better.

If you’re using Southpaw I’d love to see it (it might be weird for Allison, I don’t know, it is her handwriting). Insta it at us: @tyfromtheinternet + @allisonusavage

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