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Pixel County Classics


That’s right, I made these three pixel fonts in 2007. Flash was a big thing that I seemed to spend a bit of time with, and tiny text was huge (lol). Transparent PNGs were just beginning to hit the web, and if you didn’t want to use one of about 20 browser friendly fonts, you had to make your text a graphic. MEMORIES.

Some tips if you’re new to the world of pixel fonts. They are designed to work at certain sizes. More specifically, incremental sizes. In all three of mine here, multiples of 10 is what you should stick with, with 10pt being the smallest (and honestly, the only thing these fonts were technically designed for). If you’re rendering them as a graphic, turn off anti-aliasing. NONE. If you’re using them in a graphic on the web, make sure that graphic isn’t scaling, otherwise the pixel font will look horrible. See these have a limited use, which again, is all that was intended: small text.

I haven’t modified the files at all (again, since 2007) other than some naming cleanup (they were all under the family Sursly and styled as “boo city” etc.). Enjoy, and I’d love to see what you do! This ridiculousness is also on Github.

Download the ZIP