Open Source Sunday

I’m writing this on a Monday, but the title comes from the fact that I spent many hours yesterday finalizing on improvements made to League Mono and League Spartan. The latter is something I’ve been updating on and off for the past year (since forking a version to make variable in 2018). League Mono has received few updates as well. So here’s what is new.

League Mono

I cleaned up a lot of the curves. There were some sloppy handles, inconsistent widths, and general weirdness. Not bad on the surface, but making loads of structural improvements yesterday obviously helps overall consistency and aesthetics.

I also updated the specimen page with the new version and gave the page some updated styles, too. You can play with it there and see everything that is possible with just one woff2 file.

League Mono on Github

League Spartan

For the past few weeks I’ve been expanding on the multiple weights that I designed last year. Basically I redrew almost everything and finalized it yesterday. What’s left is a League Spartan that is cleaner, bolder, lighter, and variable.

I enjoy it so much that I’ve swapped it into the headings here on my site. I think it is a big improvement from my previous improvement, which always felt a bit more usable than the first League version. If I can get some more time – hard to do these days – I would love to make an italic version for League Spartan. And a little microsite for it. Maybe in 2020. But for now, Spartan is solid and ready to go.

League Spartan on Github

Those are the highlights. I love working on open source projects but I also need to pay the bills. Those things are often at odds with one another. If you use these I’d love to see what you make. And if you’re making anything for the web you have no excuse to not try out variable fonts. The two in this post here are 100% free for commercial use.

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