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Oh, Hello Type Friends


I was introduced to Elliot Jay Stocks over 15 years ago, not in person or through someone, but simply from his site being listed on all the design inspiration sites that were the rage pre-2010s. His site was fresh (it still is, check out the archive link). Think early Twitter days, when people were sharing pictures of their food, among other things. Anyway, when I first saw his work I was blown away, and he’s only leveled up and continuously made cool stuff since then.

He started not one but two magazines, beautifully made. I’m proud to say I own a few issues from each. And he just released an essential type book. He makes music. Somehow, because of social media probably, we started chatting kind of regularly.

Last year Elliot started a podcast and you should listen to every episode (there are eight from this first season). I’m somehow included on this list of great guests, which is very cool. So click through if you want to hear us chat for a tidy 30 minutes about work, kids, social media, etc. 👇