New Faces Around Here

After a year of making music instead of fonts, I’m excited to dive back into type design (and maybe chill out on the songs for a while). It felt right to tidy up some loose ends, so this post was actually a long time coming. I finally got not one but two typefaces finished that had each been in progress for over year! Super excited to share them now.


What started as a quick custom piece with only a handful of letters for a branding project eventually evolved into a complete variable width font. I’ve put it on packaging and interfaces, so it’s good to go for screen and print. It ranges from Condensed (75) to Expanded (125) and later this year I hope to add a variable slant axis.

You can test it out on the detail page and snag it all for $30 .


As the name might suggest, this one has some personality. If you like pixel fonts, it ticks that box, but also, there’s a style with semi curved corners to soften some intersections. It’s monospaced, and there are no descenders. I thought about making alternates with descenders, but then it wouldn’t be as quirky. Language support is still in development, so expect an update by the end of the year.

You can test it out on the detail page and snag it all for $20.

That’s it for new type, but I also have one other new thing to share. I’ve said before, if I could give away everything I make, I would. Coffee isn’t free, though. So as a compromise between throwing it out for free or making it all paid, I’ve put together a free bundle. One style of each of my most recent typefaces (there are 10, total).

Enjoy the fonts! Make something awesome.

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