My Nook, Still Nookin

I’m not the first person to write something like this and given how much I love my Nook, I probably won’t be the last, either. So I’ll keep this short.

What is a Nook? It’s Barnes And Noble’s ebook reader. I picked mine up on May 30th, 2012,  for $75 (new). The first book I purchased? Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. I love paperbacks, I love my local library (I know they lend ebooks, too), and I love giving away my books when I’m done with them.

That said, I have all seven Harry Potter books on here, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe, Bossypants, and like 20 other amazing things. The little faux leather case I have means I can chuck it into a bag and not worry about its safety (or notice its presence, because it is super light). The screen resolution isn’t as great as an iPhone but it has a soft matte finish and no backlight which means I can read it outside (it’s actually not as white as a piece of paper, so it is easier on the eyes than a physical book) and if I read at night, I’m not staring at a light. Oh and I only have to plug it in once a month.

This isn’t a sponsored post (hahaha who is going to sponsor me?). I’m not getting kickbacks from anyone by gushing about the Nook. But seriously, I’ve never had to update it, nothing has been glitchy or weird, and the store (which is basic) works fine. No “planned obsolescence” here, unlike other devices these days. No web browser or any other multitasking? Great. It’s made for reading and enjoying content in a tiny package. I love it, and it’ll be a sad day when it does in fact die. And if I’ve learned anything from the post-apocalyptic books currently stored on my Nook (Wool), DoomedThe Postmortal), nothing lasts forever…

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