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Ithaca Hackathon


There was a lot going on in town yesterday, but I was able to stop by Singlebrook’s latest hackathon (hosted at their place, sponsored by many other local businesses). I didn’t have time to participate but I was able to take a bunch of photos, catch up with friends, and talk/listen to local innovative people. There was a mix of developers, entrepreneurs, and designers, which was nice.

I wish I had been able to stick around and contribute, or return at the end of the day when they announced a winner. By the time I had left there were some really good projects coming together, all in various states of completion. It was good to see teamwork, but it was even better seeing people rally behind concepts that could/will benefit people outside of these walls.

Way back when I worked at Singlebrook I helped bring to life a little local radio web app in a similar incubator setting (but it was employees only, during office hours, which was awesome). I had hoped to give it a little love during this time, but there were far more interesting and beneficial things for everyone to work on. My absolute favorite thing (obviously) was seeing Leon and Elisa’s (Singlebrook owners) children code their own projects using Scratch. Unbelievable. Here are a few photos that cover the first 90 minutes of a very full day.