Ithaca Festival Parade

Each year at the end of May all of Ithaca seems to come out for the Ithaca Festival parade! Sometimes it rains but this year we had beautiful weather. There’s no shortage of photos from this eccentric gathering though I’m happy to add mine to the pile. My kid makes a brief appearance below because he was on a float! I do think we should have another parade in late October that is just dogs. I tried to capture a variety of groups/individuals that participated or spectated, but I always ended up focusing on the dogs 🐶

OK, that’s a little over half of the photos. I thought this intermission would be a nice break but I also wanted to share my appreciation for this town (yes, when the college students leave it really does feel like a small town). I’m posting things here in order of parade appearance. So if you’re looking for the Volvo ballet, keep scrolling. Now, back to the pics!

That’s it! What a blast. One last photo below, because it’s a fun poster that also happens to use my fonts Blackout and Ostrich Sans (I didn’t design it). See you next year!

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