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Dropping FBOMBS


Two years ago I had an idea to bundle a few single styles of my various fonts into affordable packages and release them somewhat randomly. Well, the idea hasn’t changed much since then, but I finally got around to making it. Behold: FBOMBS.

Why did I do this? Well, I don’t like selling individual fonts. They’re made to go together with other weights and styles. I’d rather make an inexpensive family that people can buy instead of one slightly overpriced piece of a whole. So, this is an attempt to make it fun. Yeah I got to play in Blender for this, too.

It’s a one page site (like others I’ve made) which will keep all of the dropped FBOMBS handy. That allowed me to build it quickly, and integrate with one simple gateway (Gumroad!).

I have a few fonts all prepped for the March drop, which…could happen any day! So go check it out, or subscribe to get an email when I release a new bundle.