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Sometimes I do the same things over and over, and it’s great. This is a healthy cycle, apparently. Routine, maybe. Or if it happens at the same time of year you could call it a “tradition.” But the personal, day in and day out habits that I find myself in can be good or bad or anywhere in between. It’s taken until now for me to be able to embrace the negative just as much as the positive. Balance. Who would have thought?

The name of this post, and the paragraph above, is the name of and rationale for the new album I just released as Adventureson. It’s 19 songs recorded over the course of 2023. 19 of 52 from the year, as I did a song a week (again). Noticing a pattern, in my pattern? Cyclicalshmyclical.

The songs here feel like a mix between Ghost Bones and Doom. I tried to balance–there’s that theme again–the anxious and the calm. As with some of my other Spotify stuff, I made some ‘canvas’ art to have a little motion while the songs play.

But I haven’t said anything about that art. It is a watercolor painting that my wife Allison made earlier in the year. It’s small, not even four inches wide/tall. But I love it, and it perfectly represents the themes, the name, the behavior that I’m apparently okay repeating. Again and again.

Cyclicalshmyclical is available on all the usual places: Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify among others. Give it a stream 🎧