Create Upstate 2017

Create Upstate is a great design event that has lived in Syracuse, NY for the past three years. It was wonderful there, but this year the organizers decided to take it on the road…to Ithaca!

Upstate NY covers a lot of territory, so having people come from all over the state (and from beyond) to Ithaca was ridiculously cool. There are tons of talented, inspiring people who attend this (now multi-day) party. If I sound like a broken record, that’s because this is all true, and I wrote about it 3 years ago at CU#1. Our region is thick with creative power, and it’s impossible to be around these people not feel energized. And exhausted. Y’all party hard.

I’m sharing a few slides from my 20 minute co-discussion on being an independent artist/freelancer (I lean more toward the indie artist, honestly). Mitch was the master of ceremonies here and I shared the theater with Ira and Brittany who gave inspiring talks. My favorite part was the Q&A after. I realize that without context some of these might not make much sense (sorry). I limited myself to only one gif, so I made it a good one.

I forgot to mention during my talk that the font used in my slides is the brand new League Mono (free, and soon to be on the brand new League site). Also, Allison’s photo booth was 🔥🔥🔥 (that’s where this fun last pic came from, the animated gifs at the top). See you next year, wherever the event takes place!

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