• Video vs Screens

    My favorite things to make usually have a physical and digital form. Take photos, for instance. I can print a lot of them, inexpensively, from my phone (wild). But the ease of texting a picture of my kids to their grandparents is also amazing. Easy. Fonts are wonderful things to create, because they often start Video vs Screens

  • Glyphs 2 Mini Tutorial

    I recently made a quick (15 minute) video tutorial on introductory letter making in Glyphs Mini 2. I think it is an improvement over my previous video.

  • Hatcher at Wilburland

    My friend Josh returned home to record his third album at Wilburland. He invited me to the studio to document some of the process. I showed up with my video camera and captured about 90 minutes of his second night of recording. All sound in this video is picked up either by my camera or external Hatcher at Wilburland

  • Jellyfish and Friends

    My son and I have been going to the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk ever since my sister moved to that area over five years ago. My favorite room/exhibit has always been the jellyfish. This video is about three and a half minutes and I could easily watch these jellyfish for 30 or 40 minutes. It Jellyfish and Friends