• Cyclicalshmyclical

    Sometimes I do the same things over and over, and it’s great. This is a healthy cycle, apparently. Routine, maybe. Or if it happens at the same time of year you could call it a “tradition.” But the personal, day in and day out habits that I find myself in can be good or bad Cyclicalshmyclical

  • A Song A Week, Again

    Back in the wild year of 2020 I recorded a song every week. I had never attempted a 52 week project, and I actually thought it would be a fun challenge. Never mind the fact that I had an 8 month old and was teaching a college course at night. Oh and that a pandemic A Song A Week, Again

  • Doom As I Say Not As I Doom

    I released another new album as Adventureson. Unlike the January release of Ghost Bones, the latest is much darker, far more anxious. Maybe even more ambitious? The first and last track sound very different from the rest, but still fit within the same vibe. It might be a sign of the times, but it also Doom As I Say Not As I Doom

  • Adventurson

    After releasing music under my own name for almost a decade, I’m giving myself a band name. There’s no reason for this other than I want to publish music under something that reads/feels like the sounds I’m creating. There are too many Tylers out there. There are always weird things that happen with my last Adventurson

  • Twenty Fifty-Two

    I haven’t mentioned this on my website but on January 1st I began a 52 week long project. The goal? Record one song every seven days. All year. It occurred to me that I should check in – with myself – at this halfway point. Right here. Unfortunately at week 18 my laptop died (brand Twenty Fifty-Two

  • Vast

    What better way to start a quarantine/lockdown than with semi-ominous instrumental music, right? These six ambient tracks span three years of on-and-off composition and production. They were written after moving from a small city (of 30,000) to a tiny town (of 3000) with lots of space to roam, physically and mentally. Pairs best with isolation, Vast

  • Loomings

    A few years ago I had an idea to create ambient music from classic literature. The concept was simple: choose a piece of writing, remove every bit of punctuation, number, and letter other than A, B, C, D, E, F, and G, then play it. And that’s exactly what this is. I took a Loomings, Loomings

  • TRVOCM Remixes

    In 2012 I put out an instrumental album called The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie (TRVOCM). The music is kind of wacky, but it is exactly what I wanted it to be: a bit of a concept album, a soundtrack for a movie that doesn’t exist, quiet. But I felt like totally making up new TRVOCM Remixes

  • Jellyfish and Friends

    My son and I have been going to the Maritime Aquarium of Norwalk ever since my sister moved to that area over five years ago. My favorite room/exhibit has always been the jellyfish. This video is about three and a half minutes and I could easily watch these jellyfish for 30 or 40 minutes. It Jellyfish and Friends

  • Zebes – Metroid Song

    Metroid has been on my mind lately. It started when my kiddo obtained Nintendo Land / WiiU and found the Metroid level, which begins with the gloriously beautiful theme from the original game. And yesterday I picked up a box of odds an ends that had been at a neighbor’s house for years which, to Zebes – Metroid Song

  • The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie

    I recently released an instrumental album that tells the story of a spaceman (whose ancestors originated on Earth) returning home. I, for better or for worse, created everything independently: I wrote and recorded the music, created the font used in the designs, took the photos, and made an album microsite site. And you know what? The Return Voyage of Christopher Mackenzie