• Digital Upcycling

    I’m not usually a fan of remakes. Or continuing a story/experience for the sake of easy money. Capitalism and entertainment are often at odds with creativity. How many movie sequels are on the way right now? 136, apparently. How many Fast and Furious movies are there? Too many. Another Toy Story? Who cares. Remember Cars Digital Upcycling

  • Oh, Hello Type Friends

    I was introduced to Elliot Jay Stocks over 15 years ago, not in person or through someone, but simply from his site being listed on all the design inspiration sites that were the rage pre-2010s. His site was fresh (it still is, check out the archive link). Think early Twitter days, when people were sharing Oh, Hello Type Friends

  • Fixing Up The Place

    Last year was my blue year. I mostly mean that in terms of color, but it definitely applied to my mood more than I care to admit. The old website was nice, it was fine. It gave me a grounded constraint to make things with, which explains my Instagram feed for all of 2023. I Fixing Up The Place

  • 2017 Runfograph

    This is a follow up to last year’s running infographic. So I didn’t run a single race and my longest run was only 20 miles (which I realize is a very long run for some people). BUT I was more consistent than ever, didn’t get injured or miss a run because of running, increased my 2017 Runfograph

  • Atlantic At Acadia

    I packed a microphone for my annual trip to Maine. You can see it in the photo above, very small, in almost the exact center of the frame. Aside from it’s relatively tiny size, it looks fragile and dark, almost imperceptible among the rocks and nearby water. This location is about halfway between Thunder Hole Atlantic At Acadia

  • My Nook, Still Nookin

    I’m not the first person to write something like this and given how much I love my Nook, I probably won’t be the last, either. So I’ll keep this short. What is a Nook? It’s Barnes And Noble’s ebook reader. I picked mine up on May 30th, 2012,  for $75 (new). The first book I purchased? Red My Nook, Still Nookin

  • Runfograph 2016

    I ran a lot over the past 12 months. More than ever, which was a surprise to me. I didn’t have a goal of running over 100 miles each month for a year straight, until I realized I had done so for 11 months. But more interesting than just the overall number were the details. Before I ran Runfograph 2016

  • Laser Cut Birdfeeder

    In the fall of 2015 I created a birdfeeder using a single sheet of 24″ x 12″ birch plywood. I designed the three dimensional object in two dimensions using Illustrator, then laser cut the finished product at my local makerspace. I revised the design was about a dozen times, although every single feeder that I Laser Cut Birdfeeder

  • Seinfeld Nostalgia

    I got sucked into a bit of a 90s black hole when /r/typography shared a link to screenshots of every title shot from the show Seinfeld. Amazing.I’ve probably seen each episode two or three times as it was a household staple, and reruns were broadcast gratuitously. So my first few reactions today upon seeing this were pretty startling: The Seinfeld Nostalgia

  • Laser Type

    A few days ago I saw this and got really excited: #twithaca this friday, come make paper creations on the laser cutter @IthacaGen http://t.co/O32IAEIe10 — Xanthe Matychak (@xanthm) December 1, 2014 Way earlier in the year I backed Ithaca Generator‘s IndieGogo project and have been following along with close interest ever since. My friend and Laser Type