After releasing music under my own name for almost a decade, I’m giving myself a band name. There’s no reason for this other than I want to publish music under something that reads/feels like the sounds I’m creating. There are too many Tylers out there. There are always weird things that happen with my last name. So from here on out, my music will be as Adventureson.

And with that change comes a new album. It’s called Ghost Bones and you can listen to it on Spotify and/or you can listen to it on Bandcamp, and if you like it, purchase it. Owning music is still cool. A tip, if you’re new to Bandcamp: get the app for your phone. The website looks and feels like it is 10 years old (I think it is, actually) but the app is new and fresh and keeps your library handy while also allowing you to browse/listen to everything else on bandcamp (mostly, for free). I’ve purchased a bunch of great albums on Bandcamp each one for no more than $8. I made a habit of buying one every Friday (when all the money was going directly to the artists) in the last few months of 2020 .

But back to Ghost Bones, by Adventureson (that’s me). It’s just under an hour. The album is entirely instrumental, with a mix of songs that I wrote last year during my 52 week music project and some new songs written this year. It’s contemplative but not overdramatic. I’m working on the next album now which is purposely overdramatic 💀 There aren’t even drums here, and few tracks feature field recordings from my literal field (as in, my backyard). If you’re only going to listen to a few songs from it, I suggest you try “The Calm Before The Norm” and “Person of Adventure”. I claim this is music is good for thinking and zoning out. Imagine that.

I have a one page website for Adventureson. I also changed my twitter handle to @adventureson and ditched @typeler once and for all. This has been a long time coming, it just took a year of isolation to put things into motion. Which is kind of where the name comes from. Even before the pandemic I wasn’t traveling a lot, just to my family, only a few times a year. But the music I like to make sometimes takes me places, and maybe it does the same for whoever is listening to it. So the adventuring and journeys are internal, which might not always feel great but are often powerful and rewarding. But when it feels great it feels really great. Enjoy 🎶

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