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A Song A Week, Again


Back in the wild year of 2020 I recorded a song every week. I had never attempted a 52 week project, and I actually thought it would be a fun challenge. Never mind the fact that I had an 8 month old and was teaching a college course at night. Oh and that a pandemic would begin right around…my birthday, three months into the year.

Anyway, I completed it that year, and it was worth it. I never missed a week/song. A few tracks from that year were reworked onto Adventureson albums. And after a bit of a break in music making, I’m back at it again this year.

I’m writing this on week 11 of 2023, and I’ve posted every track so far to my music website. I have some new sounds and inspiration to play with. Production-wise I’m smarter, maybe doing less than I did before. I’m more influenced by nature and movies these days than I am anything else. If it seems like I’m repeating myself, it’s because I like the way it sounds. I have a new appreciation for musicians who never really update their sound AND/OR update their sound frequently. I see the appeal in both paths.

A very cold day in upstate New York, winter inspiration.

I’ve gotten into a routine where I spend 90 minutes every Thursday morning to start the song from scratch. Then I have a few nights to tweak some knobs and tidy things up until I eventually publish it on Saturday. Very convenient that January 1st was a Sunday.

The best thing you can do for musicians (like me) is pay for music on Bandcamp and stream the songs on Spotify. And tell your friends, of course. It’s clear that I’m going to keep making music regardless of whether anyone listens to it. And I’ll never make money from it. But every once in a while it’s nice to think that someone else might enjoy it.

You can listen to it all at adventureson.band