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2017 Runfograph


This is a follow up to last year’s running infographic.

So I didn’t run a single race and my longest run was only 20 miles (which I realize is a very long run for some people). BUT I was more consistent than ever, didn’t get injured or miss a run because of running, increased my personal records on some crazy hard segments, only got 1 cold all year, did a >13.1 mile long run during all five weekends of December, and purchased my fourth pair of Altras.

Why is September so low (first sub 100 mile month in two years)? Well, we moved, which was considerably time consuming. I also substituted cycling for some runs and logged 35 miles on my mountain bike, which was not fun. I stopped after September.

I’m still using my $90 used Tom Tom runner watch from 2015. I still carry an epi-pen on runs that take place in between April and October.

As with the previous runfograph, this one was made using my free fonts: League Mono and Juju Combo. I’m signed up for a 50k trail race in May, so the real weekend long runs are just starting! See you out there.